Athlete Leadership


reach your best 2We believe in our Athletes and encourage them to become mentors, coaches and officials for other athletes.  With the right guidance and opportunities they can move toward a more public role as a speaker or spokesperson, sharing their remarkable stories with a wider audience.

Important members of the Executive

To ensure the voice of our Athletes remains the loudest we give athletes a role in shaping the Special Olympics Samoa movement.  The Athlete Leadership program provides our Athletes with a pathway to be elected to the Executive Board and provide their experience to decisions made in our monthly board meetings.

Under the radar

Many athletes enjoy the opportunity to participate in leadership roles and readily showcase their talents and confidence that may have previously gone unnoticed by friends, family and teachers.

Everyday leadership training

You do not need to wait for Special Olympic Samoa Programs to provide an Athlete with leadership opportunities and training.  Athletes benefit from everyday leadership opportunities and need only to be provided a positive environment with good support.   Here are a few ways of creating positive leadership habits in the home.

  •  Saying the opening prayer with family and friendsSalealua Carries Flame of Hope to opening ceremony
  • Making decisions on what the family will eat for dinner
  • Opportunity to make a shopping list and shop for items
  • Selected as a captain to pick teams for a game
  • Consulted during family talks

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